Wasp and Hornet Control

Professional control and removal of wasps' nests.

Wasps stings are painful and can be dangerous for people susceptible to anaphylaxis. We safely control and remove wasps' nests. We predominantly use a highly effective, carbamate organic-compound pesticide, specially formulated to avoid risk to pets and non-target species.

Bees are a beneficial insect and their presence should be tolerated in all but the most compromising of circumstances. There are certain actions that can be taken, including the safe relocation of a bumblebee colony or the redirection of flight paths.

Honeybees bear a very close resemblance to wasps and their appearance in mid-spring can often cause concern to homeowners suspecting wasp activity. We can arrange their safe and legal removal.

If you would like to discuss your concerns regarding current wasp or bee activity or would like to learn more about prevention, please contact us through the online enquiry form or telephone 07770 979743.

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Pest control services in Surrey, Hants and Berkshire.

Our technicians work hard to provide comprehensive pest control solutions across the South of England.  Using unmarked vehicles we cover:





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